You aren't aligned with your core

This is the other half the battle

Ultimately, my medium of choice is video.

Going back to my roots and getting in touch with the things that I absolutely loved when I was a child…I can see this is exactly what drove me.

I was, and always have been, a performer.

I love the stage.

I love the attention.

I like to make people feel something.

Yet, I am an ambivert that slants towards the introvertive side.

I am a juxtaposition of many different things as I have shared over these past few months.

All the mining I’ve done…was to reach the core of me where my inner child still lives.


In the core of my being.

Nearly forgotten.

In some ways, I can understand why Ego wanted to reach out.

He started out as just a celestial brain; a cosmic shrub that couldn’t explore.

At our core, we knew who we were as children. We only forgot over time as society layered and sealed away our original beings…

This entry, I’ll re-introduce my purpose from the framework of my childhood.

So let’s get to it…

Who are you really?

I got on my first paid clarity call with non other than Alex Van Dromme.

We basically started on our writing journeys together.

He’s almost half my age with twice the drive and probably ten times the ambition.

By the end of the hour-long call (which went half again as long), he had humbled me into facing some hard truths about my process.

My reluctance to take the next step was brought kicking and screaming into the light.

On the surface, I acted cool and engaging as he picked apart my thoughts and put them into context.

Underneath the facade, I was squirming uncomfortably like my oldest when he knowingly does something he shouldn’t.

In theory, I had picked up everything I needed to know in order to take the next step and actually BEGIN my business side of my process.

In practice…I was terrified and looking for every way to avoid it by making excuses about “needing more time” and “uncertainty about my next steps”.

In the end…it was about doing it.

The greatest takeaway from speaking with him and having him drag me through the process that I should’ve done after the first month was this:

Look back on my childhood passions.

I had been writing around them and acting around them since the age of 10.

I had purposefully denied myself the indulgence of continuing beyond a certain point to fulfill my sociocultural obligations as the oldest son of Taiwanese immigrants.


I almost did.

I moonlighted my way around it.

Read on to see exactly how…

The Frankenstein Skill Stack

Everyone talks about skill stacking on X.

Mine is possibly the weirdest combination that has NOTHING to do with business.

I kept practicing Tai Chi and Tae Kwon Do to a degree of proficiency where I could learn weaponry and self-discipline.

I kept music alive as long as possible in piano and violin performance.

Without the momentum, I would not have finagled my way onto a college dance team by combining martial arts and music. I wouldn’t have spent the next eight years performing onstage as I finished a PhD.

Without this confidence, I would not have taken that theater elective over the summer of my sophomore year and volunteered at the “Man Bites Dog” theater.

Without that experience, I would not have snuck away to audition and grab a part in the musical version of “Mulan” for the South Carolina Children’s Theater that resulted in me becoming a fight choreographer for several productions both there and the Upstate Shakespeare Festival at the time.

Without the perspectives from these experiences, I would not have jumped at the chance to pick up swing dancing from which I leveraged my martial arts, music, and theater backgrounds to entertain and compete up and down the East Coast.

Without the process of competing, I would not have met my wife and uprooted my entire existence to live overseas and reconnect with my Taiwanese roots.

Without all these experiences combined with my knowledge and love of technology would I have ever considered becoming a content creator on YouTube and now X.

So here I am…a lifelong performer who possesses a mountain of performance experience across different disciplines with an academic background in computer engineering who has decided make short form video his specialty on X.

What does a weirdo with that combination do if he has no knowledge of building a business?


He learns as he goes and builds in public.

I may not know ghostwriting or copywriting or marketing or psychology…yet…

but the fact that I have a monster skill stack that I can use to frame my learning process in virtually any context across a wide range of disciplines makes my take on these entirely unique.

Now add parenting and having a career on top of this.

This is what Alex helped me realize in 75 minutes flat.

Nuff said.

The Takeaway

So to recap:

Your journey and purpose become clear once you face your inner child.

If you’re stuck or want to start using video more in your content creation or if you want to know how to even start breaking out of the mindset that it’s impossible, respond back to this newsletter.

I’m bad at this business portion of my process, but I’m going to make it work moving forward.


  • if you’re a 9-5 dad by day and content creator by night

  • if you’re reluctant to start creating video for yourself or for your business

  • if you’re a person who just needs a nudge and guidance to making your very first video on social media

Definitely reach out and we’ll see if I can help you.

Here’s this week’s actionable exercise:

How closely aligned are you now to your inner child?

Are you enjoying your chosen profession because it resonates with that child?

This is the second exercise in self-awareness.

Thought of the week:

An Inspirator creates from the very core of their being…their inner child at play for the world to see.

Still no plan…but that’s the next step now that I’ve truly tapped into my core and can see all the way to the surface.

Finally…let’s blow it up!


P.S. Do you have a favorite childhood movie?

P.P.S. Today is my beautiful wife’s birthday!