Give it All Away

The most powerful form of promotion

It’s been a long and hectic week.

Also a very emotional one for me.

For one, I finally rebranded my profile for X/Twitter to better represent where I’m going with my content.

The truth is…it’s not about growth metrics.

True writing and business building is about crafting an offer that resonates with your ideal customer.

There are always going to be ideal customers in every niche you can imagine.

Someone is going to want your shit.

Here’s what I want to talk more about:

  1. Managing the 9-5 parenting gig

  2. Stories centered around this lifestyle

  3. Content creation that includes video and images

Today, let’s talk about gratitude for what you’ve got…and how giving away everything is the best way to grow yourself.

So let’s get to it…

Give it All Away. Ask for Nothing

I have the privilege of being in a small group of fellow creators who are finding meaning beyond the growth game.

For the past two months, we’ve met every Saturday morning.

I look forward to it like I used to look forward to cartoons at the same time for the same reasons:

  • it’s fun

  • there’s no agenda

  • we share our struggles and tips

There’s no shortage of topics, and we all share similar backgrounds:

  • 30s - 40s

  • Family-oriented 9-5 creators

  • finding our way and wanting to make real impact

This is really what being a content creator and solopreneurship is all about.

If you’re on this journey, you can’t skip this part of it…

You’re missing out on the most magical portion of this journey!

Making friends with people who share your views, mindsets, and aspirations.

It’s like having mentors, coaches, and friends all in one.

Every week.

For free.

We volunteer and contribute our services and strengths to each other.

We provide feedback and content without any reservations.

And it’s fun to talk to each other throughout the week as well.

Without a group like this, the chances of failure are far, far greater.

Find your people.

The Power of Offer Stacking

I had the privilege and pleasure of attending Alex Hormozi’s launch of his latest book.

Check it out here:

If you want to see the recording of the launch, check out his channel:

I’ve written about his content in previous newsletters.

If you’re interested in launching a business or growing one, he’s one of the guys you want to check out.

The most mind-blowing thing about it is the amount he simply gives away for free.


As in something for nothing.

And he does it without hesitation.

My mind is blown.

Offer stacking is an art, and he’s got it down pat.

And yes, I know there are a million and one gimmicks and catches and techniques in psychology to get people to come running.

Buyer’s remorse is something this guy is extremely good at making a non-issue.

Needless to say, I bought his latest book…

I’m excited to share my results from taking action on what he shares.

I’m going apply what I learn from him to the pillars that I mentioned at the beginning.

And yes, I want to make everything I offer so good, it would be dumb for my customers to say no to what I offer.

It’s going to be a long road.

I hope you’ll come along.

The Takeaway

So to recap:

I’m moving forward on my content focus.
Complementing writing with video and images are the future.
I’m going to build my content around the things I learn from Mozination.

Again, even if you’re here reading this and have NO INTEREST in creating content or building a business, the things I want to share with you can apply to you personally and professionally.

Here’s this week’s actionable exercise:

Think about where you’re at in your own situation.

  • Personally

  • Professionally

  • What are you sharing and giving without expectation?

Giving and gratitude are two approaches that will come back to you by orders of magnitude in the long run.

It’s not about the money (though that is nice).

It’s about what you’re leaving behind for those who need help.

This is the third exercise in self-preservation.

Thought of the week:

An Inspirator is grateful and gives without reservation…

I’ve been a mind miner for months now.

It’s clear now why I’m doing this.

I want to use my knowledge to make a difference in the art of content creation and tell my story to edutain with writing, video, and images.

I have a reason to be here and to write to you.

I’ll have a fleshed out plan for you if you choose to read next week.

For now…I’ll keep digging.

Now where’s that sandwich I had here…


P.S. Do you have a vision for your career or business?

P.P.S. Who is the one person you could help right now?