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What Just About Everyone Gets Wrong About This Whole Thing

A strange thing happens when we set out on our own...

Where the sidewalk ends…

Last weekly issue, I wrote about my engagement process.

This is part 6 of the 7 part series that goes into depth about my system of managing my content creation, and this is the next to last one…

So here’s where we are right now:

  1. Time and power management

  2. My learning system

  3. My writing process

  4. My editing process

  5. My engagement process

  6. My compounding growth system (you are here)

  7. My decade-long plans for growing my business

Again, this series is about my system (thus far). I have a 9-5 and a house full of pets and children. If I can do it at this difficulty setting, then so can you.

These last two issues are about where I’m planning to go from here. This one focuses on the present plans, and the last one will be about the long-term goals.

It All Comes Together…

To be honest, this is the end of the series in terms of what I’ve done so far.

It’s also what I’m doing on a regular basis right now.

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s not easy.

Nothing worth doing ever is.

What I’ve shared over the past year was built on the concepts that I’ve presented here, and I’m developing a three-tire system that becomes an endless cycle that spirals ever upwards.

  1. Volumetric Vectoring

  2. The SPARTan system

  3. Modern Media Mastery

These are my versions of everything that I’ve learned thus far from the people that I’ve mentioned throughout this newsletter.

I still haven’t gone through and internalized all that they have to offer.

It’s this never-ending process that is what I’m sharing today.

Just about everyone thinks this takes a few months.

It takes years to figure this out.

Here’s my system.

Volumetric Vectoring

The idea is already in the name.

It’s collecting a bunch of Legos together over time.

  • It’s your posts across social media (LinkedIn, TwiX, FB, etc.)

  • It’s your articles and newsletters issues (Medium, Beehiiv, Substack, etc.)

  • It’s your visuals and videos (vlogs, YouTube work, TwiX and Tik Tok shorts, etc.)

Of course, you can’t do them all at once and expect to get there in short order (whatever that means).

A vector has a point of origin (you) and a direction (content).

The content you create has gotta be straight from you and your values, ideas, beliefs, experiences.

Pick a medium (writing, video, art) and start producing.

Don’t worry about the quality at first, just focus on putting stuff out there for as long as you can sustain it.

Over time you build a nice body of work.

Volumetric vectoring.

Get it?

For me, I focused on video for three years to create over 250 long form videos and streams.

Now, I’m focusing on long-form and short-form content both here and on Medium and X.

I have a small batch of content that I have put out over the past 500 days.

The more I put out, the more visible I become.

The half-life of your content varies depending on the platform but places like Medium and YouTube enable you to place all your work in one spot.

It’s getting them there and interested in reading that’s tricky.

The SPARTan System

I’m beginning to forget whether or not I’ve shared this in the past.

Throughout my writing journey over my lifetime, from journaling, to scripting, to this endeavor and beyond, I’ve discovered that there are five components to how I’ve learned and become proficient at each area that I’ve tackled.

I call it the SPARTan System.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Sustainable - it has to be balanced with the time and energy that I can devote to the rest of my life around it

  • Presence - it has to be something that I am connected to and can focus on with all my being

  • Accountability - it has to be something that I can keep myself on track with some flexibility in how I maintain the momentum

  • Relevance - it has to be in alignment with my values and beliefs

  • Tangible - it has to have some aspect where I can create to show for the effort

Without any of these components, the entire system gradually fades away into obscurity. Even though I’ve moved from one artistic or academic venture to the next, I have the tendrils and threads to reactivate any of the skill sets that I practiced in the past.

This applies to both professional and personal endeavors and is the centerpiece or foundational element for a polymathic knowledge theorist.

It’s how compounding skill sets and results come into being.

It’s also how I plan to do the last piece of this process…distribution of my work.

Modern Media Mastery

They say you need to focus on one:

  • One message.

  • One platform.

  • One person.

This is a valuable mindset because it ensures penetration into the vast depths of cyberspace in a way that volumetric vectoring is designed to achieve.

After a certain point, though, it’s natural to want to expand to other areas and repurpose, refine, and re-iterate.

The result of what I want to create is the modern media mastery process.

This is something that all the most visible creators have achieved, though they have teams of people doing it for them.

With the rise of AI, quantum computing, and 6G, though, it becomes increasingly feasible to leverage these technologies to augment your reach someday.

I don’t have many details about this realm because I haven’t figured it out yet for myself.

But I’ve tapped into building my skill sets on YouTube, TwiX, and Medium.

The weakest component for me is visuals such as infographics for platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

I’d say focus on two platforms to begin with to let the two build each other up.

Thanks for reading!

This is a rough outline of my long-term plan.

How will this newsletter will fit into the entire thing? I’m not sure.

Know this, though: if you’ve stuck with me for all this time, you’ve basically got the blueprint of the beginnings of my process.

It takes years for overnight success to occur.

Nothing happens…then everything happens.

You’re watching the nothing phase, and it’s all here.

Feel free to go through these issues and extract what works for you.

I’m laying the foundations of what I want to build before your eyes.

Let me know your thoughts!

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

Regardless of your background, you are shaped by a multitude of them.

Show some gratitude in any way you can.