Your life as a superhero

Finding the tights that fit you is never-ending

Today was my birthday (as of this writing).

It did not turn out quite the way I hoped it would.

Then again, it never does.

And there’s a very good reason.

I’ve been trying to deflect the truth of the matter.

I don’t know what I want…

Not just out of my birthday, but life in general.

I’m too scared to ask for it.

I still am.

The truth is that I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I don’t deserve anything that I’ve earned up to this point in life.

Which brings me to Day 3 of this process I’m going through…persona

Let’s jump in.

My Secret Identity

This is possibly one of the most challenging steps of figuring out this next year because most of this year has been this as a work in progress of sorts.

The person I like being when I write is not quite the person I am on a daily basis.

It’s like the difference between Batman and Bruce Wayne…or the difference between Beyonce and Sasha Fierce.

As far as I’m concerned, there are 7 steps to discovering the “stage” me from the “me” me:

  1. Audience - who am I creating content for?

  2. Branding - color scheme, vibe, visual elements

  3. Connection - how do I connect to my audience?

  4. Archetype - what kind of role do I play for them?

  5. Communication - what is the style of my delivery?

  6. Backstory - how did I get here and what drives me?

  7. Evolving - how well do I resonate with my audience?

These are all questions that I’ve answered or touched on to some extent with the first few issues of this newsletter…but I think they need reframing in light of my recent realizations.

I also realize that none of what I’ve done with this portion has ever been set in stone so to speak…

I started out as a mind miner with self-mastery as my game and moved to an inspirator that used mixed media and analogies to the project presence persona that I’ve discovered that connects all of these elements together.

It may not be my “final form”, and there’s always another power level it seems…

It never ends…right?

Be that as it may, it’s better to have a more formal and structured approach at this juncture.

So I’ll take a stab at it.

Who am I?

My project presence persona is me with the following answers:

  1. Audience

    • individuals who are in search of clarity in the late 20s to mid 40s like me

    • who have decently stable lifestyles with a varied past and versatile skill sets

    • who are now searching for meaning in their lives now that they’ve been “in the game” for a few years

  2. Branding

    • black, white, gold (60, 30, 10 ratio)

    • writing, speaking, creating video content

    • family life, self-mastery, personal development

  3. Connection

    • stories, analogies, mixed media

    • short form and long form videos

    • short form and long form articles

  4. Archetype

    • generally a person who leads by example

    • mentor and advocate for lifelong learning

    • companion and fellow explorer in the discovery

  5. Communication

    • humorously edged

    • casual and slightly snarky

    • educational with a bit of whimsy

  6. Backstory

    • my entire life has been about performance for others

    • only recently have I been realizing that the core should draw more from my own internal desire to really pull it all together

    • my own journey from the external to the internal and my discoveries in the process as I navigate daily parenting life make this interesting and challenging to say the least

  7. Evolving

    • mind miner and self-mastery

    • inspirator and analogist combining text, visual, and video

    • presence projector who shares tips on connection and engaging authentically through multiple artistic and technical backgrounds

I feel like this really puts everything into perspective but is also incredibly intimidating to get a handle on.

Imposter syndrome likes to rear its ugly head about now as I feel like I shouldn’t be sharing my experiences in this context at all. Aren’t people like me a dime a dozen?

…and that’s where I stop that line of thought.

This isn’t easy. Nobody said any of what we’re doing out here is, and every single person I’ve hopped on a call with has mentioned something along the lines of “I don’t know what I’m doing, but I found this one thing that I enjoyed and ran with it…”

This persona exercise is a way to find out where your “one of one” or “one of zero” (heard it first from Alex Hormozi) could be…

You are the niche.

Sure, what you talk about will fall predominantly in the “health, wealth, happiness” triumvirate…

But there aren’t any other people out there who have this way of sharing themselves in these arenas.

That’s the secret.

Project presence

Still not sure where I’m going with this, but there’s four more days to go!

Day 3 was about a DTR with yourself and your audience:

  • 7 aspects of persona creation

  • filling in each of the aspects

  • realizing the truth of you

Again (is this a theme?), this is a work-in-progress kind of deal and the persona is always evolving…so this was more of a branding development description issue than anything else.

This current iteration of me feels right and ties in everything that I’ve done in the past four decades (good grief). I sincerely hope that you get something out of this for yourself.

Day 4 is going to be about the content strategy aspect in all forms and scales for the next year.

I’m thinking that it’s better to stick to the ideal rather than stick to the platform…that’s why this next issue will be incredibly controversial and flies in the face of the biggest creator advice out there.

I’m tiny…so I’m ok with being wrong?


P.S. Have you ever tried being your persona in public when not onstage? That’s the closest you’ll get to being Hannah Montana…

P.S.S I hope all my fellow American's have had a great Thanksgiving break! Mine has been…incredibly humbling and challenging as of late.