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Discipline is King: The Mandatory Element to Success and Self-Mastery

Part 1 of 3 in Becoming a Knowledge Theorist

Discipline…and how it made me into a Polymath Knowledge Theorist

Greetings, fellow excavators!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week!

At the end of the previous letter, I said I’d cover my philosophy and how it links to everything I strive to be in the face of AI…

Turns out, it’s WAY more complicated than I can cover in one letter…

so it’ll be a 3 part series!

  1. Defining discipline

  2. The Venn diagram of self-mastery

  3. The three ways to connect everything for your audience

So let’s dive into part 1…defining discipline!

According to Merriam Webster (noun):

This edition focuses on the first definition as it resonates with me…and it’s conveniently in the box already!

It’s the foundation of being a PKT. (not a PYT…nice MJ song though!)

Moving along…

Breaking down discipline - So easy…yet so hard…

Discipline is the core tenet that anchors:

  1. lifelong-learning

  2. self-mastery

  3. growth

It enables you to do something that 99% of people don’t actively do…

set up systems to abstract away the mental agony of forcing yourself to do things

Then you just do them…

Over and over and over again…

until one day you realize you have enough material and/or experience to play with and figure out what you need to do:

It’s a heck of a lot easier to work with a lot of pieces than to work with nothing vague concepts in some abstract space in your head!

Let’s dive into the first portion of the definition…

“Control gained by enforcing obedience or order”

Discipline drives action on an embarrassingly large scale…

It enables control over your mental, physical, and spiritual domains. (more on this in part 2).

Cultivating discipline requires effort…a lot of it at first.

Enforcing it on others is so much easier than on yourself!

…parents, I see you nodding or reaching for your pitchforks…

Discipline is essential to being a student of life.

As the definition above states, you need to have some obedience to yourself.

Even if you are a maverick that has a devil may care attitude towards life, you won’t survive long if you don’t listen to yourself on a regular basis.


Do the work.

Make it count.

Get a sense of order.

Order quiets the mind…

Primes it for the task at hand.

It’s a requirement for being an effective student…

On to the next definition…

“Orderly or prescribed conduct or behavior”

At a moment’s notice…ready to capture anything!

Having the first one is great and all, but you need to execute in the environment once you’ve created it!

This is where the fun starts!

Systems are perfect for enabling this description.

They fit the bill quite nicely!

By the way, order doesn’t have to be in your surroundings…

but it absolutely MUST be in your head!

You carry that thing around with you all the time (I hope)!

So why not make sure it’s in good working condition?

Got it?


Every single one of us has our own unique systems in place for everything we do in life.

Systems are routines.

Systems are algorithms.

Systems are efficiency in a nice package with a bow on top.

They are next to worthless, though, without the last piece of the definition…


The first two definitions hammer in two things:

  1. execution

  2. systems

This one is the kicker…

consistency wrapped up in your “why” enables success:

Self-control is the key enabling you on your journey.

Discipline is control over yourself…

enabling you to build and use your systems…

that drive your willingness to execute day in and day out.

and that, excavators, is the full definition of discipline…and becoming a PKT.

The Takeaway

So for this week’s newsletter, I have one piece of actionable advice for you:

Pick something that you do every on autopilot every single day.

Just one!

(I see you overachiever…because I am you as well! Slow down mmmmk?)

I don’t care what it is.

  • getting your kids ready for school

  • cooking your favorite meal

  • writing in your journal

  • doing the dishes

  • getting to work

Got it?


Now reflect on how you got to this point.

  • How did you solve it?

  • When did you start doing it?

  • What problem is it solving for you?

  • Who, if anyone, helped you solve it?

  • Why did you decide it was worth doing?

  • Where do you see this action taking you in the future?

At the very core of this exercise is discipline.

We’re about to start on a journey together…


You already have the foundations!

Otherwise, how did you read this far??

But seriously, thanks so much for getting down here!

I’ve got something for you:

If you want the process above as a worksheet, it’ll be up in my Livelogue!

That’s where EVERYTHING I dig up and create will be stored.

From this point forward, if I have something to offer to you, I’ll place it there.

The best part is that it’ll be live and they will evolve.

It’s the beginning of my larger system to help you on your path to self-mastery.

You have the potential to harness and develop your own skill set and way of learning…

You can become a Polymath Knowledge Theorist like me…

Oh my! Is that the time??

I gotta get back to the mines! Daylight’s burning!

Next week, I’ll dig deeper and show what this discipline core drives…the reason I have a Venn diagram as my logo in my banner.

Check back here next week!

Dig it once…

Dig it twice…

Dig it chicken soup with rice…


P.S. That was a reference…

P.P.S. I’m really enjoying putting them in, and I hope you do as well!