One last look back on the plan... we come!

7 days.

7 sessions.

2024 begins tomorrow.

At the end of it all, this is simply a rough template of milestones and plans that could drastically shift and shatter if I’m not careful.

I’ve already begun to reconsider a few of the things that I initially planned.

The sheer scale and size of this attempt has become frightening in that tomorrow, I actually have to DO THE THING!

There is one thing I forgot to mention, though…

I’ve just archived my entire TwiX account.

The vast majority of what I wrote in 2023 was original content…

In other words, I now have a year’s worth of content to improve and expand on IN ADDITION to what I planned here.

That content can be repurposed and reframed in context of my clarified vision and values.

Let’s do a quick review in light of that revelation for this last issue of 2023…(links to each previous issue are in the heading for your reference).

All that we may achieve comes from what we’ve done.

I reflected on the good, the bad, the ugly in discovering myself and my drive to begin writing.

I took stock of what I had done as an impetus and a reference to what I could do in the next year.

Actions on Day 1:

  • review accomplishments

  • reflect on lessons learned

  • set the stage for what’s to come

I made an outline of the amount of content I wanted to create and where I wanted to do it.

I also made some outlines about the larger projects that would be done alongside the regular practice.

Once I had these, I broke them down into quarterly and weekly targets.

Actions on Day 2:

  • stretch goals for each level

  • publishing and monetization goals

  • target volumes for low, medium, and long form content

I reflected on my journey and how my voice and presence developed over the course of the year.

I honed in on 7 aspects of the persona I wanted to craft around these realizations.

The niche really is you. I concluded the activity with a well-defined reimagining of who I was with a bit more edge on several levels.

Actions on Day 3:

  • reflected on tone and voice and presence

  • defined each of the 7 aspects of persona creation

  • summarized with a sketch of the new version of me I would use

I went through an exercise where I defined my top 5 values that represented me the best based on the persona I had defined.

I went into detail about how each of these values lent themselves the core of my message: sustainable presence in all aspects of content creation.

It basically helped me define the hub and spokes of what I enjoy writing about.

Actions on Day 4:

  • went through the value definition exercise

  • specified exactly how each values applied to me

  • revisited how I would be delivering them in terms of my content

I rebalanced my ambitious milestones based on the last few days so that I could focus on different aspects of my content creation. It still looks insane, but it helped to strategize a bit on how I was going to pull this off.

I assigned milestones to specific quarters and broke them down into 90-day sprints.

I also decided at this point that enlisting the help of AI to take some of the edge off would be useful.

Actions on Day 5:

  • took a hard look at my progress

  • rebalanced to focus on each content format

  • admitted to myself that I may need assistance from AI

I thought the other days were challenging, but this one is my Achilles’ heel.

I went through the low, medium, and high-ticket offers that I might be interested in developing, and found that resistance still present.

Luckily, I’ve been given feedback from you on this (you know who you are). It can’t hurt to offer something, and there’s no reason not to try.

Actions on Day 6:

  • outlined ideas for products around my content

  • looked at the pros and cons in terms of impact to my plan

  • decided to take it as it comes and make a low-ticket offer with a lead magnet

Goodbye 2023

Day 7 was about reviewing the past 6 days (really 6 weeks) of effort.

  • reflecting on the efforts to date

  • setting an ambitious, but flexible, schedule for the coming year

  • getting ready to execute on the entire crazy attempt that will be 2024

To be honest, I’ve already started pushing on the first section of this plan.

Life has a way of assailing the best-laid plans, and it has not been easy to get through this challenge.

As this year closes, I want to thank every single one of you who have been here and read through the ups and downs of this journey.

I’ll get better at writing, and I hope to deliver higher quality content to you in the next year.

Happy New Year!


P.S. I know this is going to be hard, but I hope this series has helped you gain some sort of clarity if you’ve decided to use any portion of this for yourself.