How I Plan to Play the Long Game

X-Twitter and the Future of Social Media

Let’s be clear here…I’m not entirely sure what’s happening out here in the social platform landscape.

Elon has changed a lot at breakneck speeds and spinning heads across the landscape.

He’s not slowing down.

It appears like the gamble just might be what the platform needs!

According to the new CEO of X/Twitter…

Of course, everyone else has a different take on the platform.

Just Google “the slow death of Twitter” and see all the articles written since November of last year…

So…what’s a content creator to do?

So let’s get to it…

All the Eggs. All the Baskets

As I am in the process of overhauling my message (as I mentioned a few weeks ago) this topic is VERY important to me.

It’s a true gamble to stick with only one platform in the long-term.

The game for content creation is to use one platform that has quick turnaround for ideas and validate them at a fast pace.

For now, X-Twit is the best game in town for this approach (provided you are in the right section for your particular audience).

For me, it’s 9-5 parent creators like me…of which most reside in a slightly different sector of Money-X/Twitter that I ended up starting down.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that community.

Lots of young, ambitious, talented individuals with a powerful drive to make their mark on the world…many that I highly respect.

The only potential issue is that I represent everything they have no interest in at best…and a strong negative view on in the next few decades.

So…yeah…I’m not necessarily going to be their cup of tea at present.

But I will be if/when they start down the path of juggling in a family (9-5 or not).

As distasteful as this may be for them, the 9-5 structure of life is how the vast majority of the world operates…

They just choose to ignore that part of their lives.

Validation of ideas is just the beginning.

Read on…

The Explosion of Multi-Purposing

It’s going to happen.

Sooner or later, we all will be involved in social media in some way, shape, or form.

What we don’t realize is that the majority of content is actually generated by a small group of people.

We think EVERYONE is creating content like crazy all the time!

Look around.

Do you see your friends, family, and colleagues busily writing outside of their jobs or in their free time?

Do you see them struggling with trying to figure out what their side hustle is going to do to help others with their pain points?

Do they agonize over whether AI is going to eat their livelihood for lunch?

Well…maybe some do here and there…but mostly no.

This matters to those who have skin in the game.

A pound of flesh as in “The Merchant of Venice” is more apt for content creators.

Here’s how I’m planning on playing this game:

  1. X - generating ideas and writing short and medium form content

  2. Threads/IG/FB re-sharing and building a presence there

  3. YouTube/Tik Tok - shorts and long-form video

That’s just for content multi-purposing and distribution.

When it comes to long-form content, building out a presence on Medium as well as my own personal website and newsletter (this one) will also be key to retaining an audience.

You never know when these platforms could change their policies or algorithms to favor one form of media over another (like X-Twit did this week for video).

One very important thing few people mention…buy your name .com and .org and even .co and keep that around for future sites.

You’ll be glad you did.

Imagine somebody making a killing off of you because they squatted on your name as you grew your business!

I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy…

Ok, maybe I would if I had one. 😋

The Takeaway

So to recap:

X-Twit is the idea validation platform.
Writing and video platforms are for distribution.
Long-form writing platforms are for expanding and refining ideas.

Even if you’re not a content creator…at least not on your own (because you are whether you realize it or not), being aware of the bigger picture and where everything is headed is something few people are thinking about right now…

Stick around.

Maybe you can someday say that you got your push from reading what I dig up here!

Here’s this week’s actionable exercise:

Think about what social media platforms you use.

  • Pick three of your favorite creators on any platform.

  • Check out their profile or channel pages.

  • Check out their links and see what their social footprint is REALLY like.

It may surprise you…it may not.

Creators that are all-in on one platform are actually in a more precarious position than they care to acknowledge…

This is the second exercise in self-preservation.

Thought of the week:

An Inspirator has the long-term vision in their view as they share and expand…

Again, my views and thoughts are evolving and coming ever closer to where my focus truly is…and content creation mastery is rapidly becoming something I’m more interested in sharing.

Aw nuts, the satchel’s empty again…that’s all the nuggets of wisdom I’ve dug up this week…

Let’s see what I’ve got in store for the last topic of this three-part series!


P.S. Do you have a strong opinion about X-Twit?

P.P.S. Who does your PR?