Planning the Next Quarter Sprint

New beginnings and crazy stuff happening...

Fell on my face last week…

Sorry for missing an issue…I think it was the first time that I’ve missed one in this entire process since starting last year!

Daylight savings time really messed up my rhythm. I’m still addressing my power management (thought it’s improved significantly).

I’ve written over 60 articles on Medium as of yesterday.

The cadence has been intense, but the ideas are easy to get out the door now.

That being said, I think I will try a shorter version of this newsletter for now until I get a better handle of where I want to go in my direction.

Phase 3 is coming to a close and next week’s issue will be the last for this quarter (already???)!

Sprint 2 is being hammered out over this last week.

Here’s what it’s looking like:

  • Phase 1: TwiX content for all phases using Medium articles and new insights from all the course content I’ve been consuming

  • Phase 2: push batch Medium content and hone editing skills while catching up on courses

  • Phase 3: put together something to help people who are interested in the results that I’ve been generating

Things are starting to develop faster, and I’m looking forward to two potential new actions that I have never had the privilege of considering before…

I don’t want to share them here just yet. I think I should do them first rather than jump the gun (nobody likes that).

I will start a new series based on what I’ve learned from Derek Hughes over the past few weeks from his first headline course during this sprint.

That and I want to start fleshing out how I somehow made it this far after 16 months of this writing adventure.

I’ve decided that I’ll share what happened during the first sprint as a quarterly summary.

Some part of me still can’t believe that I’ve pulled this off!

PS. Thanks for putting up with the mess as I’m figuring things out!