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The State of This Newsletter (And the Direction It's Going This Year)

Plans to show what worked, what didn't, and how I'm getting there

An unexpected gift from a long-time reader…

I was beginning to think that this was all probably going to go nowhere for me…

One of you reached out and asked for me to share my content creation process that has kept me going for the first quarter of this year.

I can tell you that it’s not easy to maintain this level of output.

  • I’m a father to two little boys.

  • I have a 9-5 career that I enjoy with its ups and downs.

  • I can now say that I am aspiring to hone this content creation path as a way to support my family as I made that decision recently.

I realize now just how much untapped potential each and every one of us has within us.

Society likes to put us on the well-worn paths that keep it going.

There’s nothing wrong with it…at least until you begin to see the boundaries.

Each of us has to make a choice…whether we accept them or find a way to move beyond them.

To this reader, thank you for asking about my content creation process.

I’m not just going to slap it together in this issue and call it done.

You deserve much better.

Sprint 2 is beginning as of this week.

Here’s what it will be:

  • Phase 1: batch TwiX content for the entire sprint duration that pulls from my realizations from writing on Medium as well as my numerous weekly conversations

  • Phase 2: batch Medium content to hone editing skills and catch up on courses…this is also where I will begin creating graphics as lead magnets for this newsletter

  • Phase 3: product generation in the form of an eBook, an email course, and the first outlines of a book for sprint 3

I mentioned that I had two new things pop up on my radar, and I can now share one of them…

I was invited to do a podcast interview with a great guy that I met on TwiX (who also happened to be my 1000th follower at the time before the recent bot purge knocked it back below that threshold).

Here’s the video if you’re interested:

I’ll announce the other one once I’ve completed it in the next week or so.

I share this as a testament to the journey, that if you keep going and producing content and learning and growing, eventually you will start to make waves and become more visible.

I’ll start sharing my content creation process in detail with the next issue, and it will cover my idea capture process that has enabled me to produce thousands of posts, hundreds of videos, and dozens of articles to date.

I’m not sure how many issues it will be, but when it’s done you’ll have the full system that has worked for me so far.

After that, I will start another series based on what I’ve learned from people like Kieran Drew, Erica Schneider, Derek Hughes, and many more over the past few months from their courses as well as affiliate links for them if you are interested.

Again, it’s not easy to pull any of this off at any level…but it is simple.

So moving forward, I’ll do my best to share it simply.

I think that’s what the point of this newsletter is going to be this year.

I need to confess to you again that I have no clue what I’m doing, but at least I can say with conviction that it has been worth every single night that I’ve struggled to make this happen.

If you have any suggestions or questions about anything, don’t hesitate to respond to this newsletter!