Taylor Swift was Right...

Where we're going next in this newsletter

Let’s begin again…

It’s me.


…if you know the next line, then you know it to be true.

If not…I’m the problem, it’s me.

Taylor Swift said it best in her music (and she’s a heck of a writer).

It’s not just because her music is catchy that makes her the superstar of this generation.

It’s the fact that her lyrics resonate with so many across so many walks of life.

The fact that she is a worldwide phenomenon proves this out.

Whether you’re a Swifty or not, her rise to fame is something that can’t be denied.

It also took years of work and a lifetime of effort.

The more I write, the more I recognize just how important this piece of wisdom in her music really holds.

I’m the problem.

It’s me.

If you’re stuck and lost, just remember that it’s your problem to solve.

Everything I’ve shared up to this point has been an attempt to help you figure this out at the same time I am.

Own your sh*t

I’ve been here for about a year now, and I’m thankful to each of you who has read up to this point.

Regardless of whether you’ve recently joined or have been here since the first issue, it’s been a tough road, and I know it’s not going to get any easier.

I don’t use AI to write my words for me.

It may provide suggestions or feedback about the quality or better ways to share my content, but it’s never replaced my voice.

Everything here has been me.


100% organic.


(Ok, I think I’ve run out of clichés and “live” and “on ice” don’t seem to fit.)

It’s funny because I’ve been writing towards finding out more about myself and sharing the journey with you here.

And yet…I’ve come full circle.

I’m the Night Writer, the Mind Miner, a Polymathic Knowledge Theorist, an Inspirator, and I’m striving towards becoming a Practical Professor.

Recently, I’ve had a series of breakthroughs in my thinking.

Up to this point, I’ve tried to keep my professional and personal lives separate.

By writing, I’ve discovered the underlying foundation that connects both.

“How we do anything is how we do everything.” — Unknown

The key to it all is to own it.

Own yourself.

Accept who you are at every level.

Denying one portion of yourself is denying all of what you could be.

Don’t ignore aspects of yourself to put yourself into a box so that you can embody some slogan that you came across.

Find one that encapsulates all of you.

Each of my labels I’ve shared do reflect different parts of me.

I left out my engineering and scientific aspects.

Hence the “Practical Professor” as the latest iteration.

My Three Pillars of Content

I’ve shared this before, but it rings clearer now with the newest realization.

  1. Volumetric Vectoring

  2. Content creation via the SPARTan system

  3. Digital distribution through Modern Media Mastery

I’ve thought a great deal about this journey and its MLM-like nature across every platform.

The grift seems to come with the territory of becoming a person who creates and inevitably values the growth over the message.

There’s that siren call that says “you can grow by writing about growing on any platform”.

It’s so stupid.

What are you doing this for?

Yes, the money is part of the allure of establishing a presence on the internet.

But why?

Why are you here?

If you don’t have a why, then you’ll slip into that pattern of writing about growth.

It’s the dark side that each of us explores as content creators.

“Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will…” — Yoda

I’m here to record my thoughts, my values, my perspectives.

I’m here to leave a mark in cyberspace that my children can find someday to see more of who I am outside of being their father.

I’m a completely different person to them.

I have aspects of the tiger parent within me, but I’m striving to dismantle it.

Breaking cycles that previous generations and cultures instill is possible.

It’s even more so given that knowledge is freely accessible now.

I want them to know that I tried and that I never wanted to be that person as their parent.

That’s why I’m here.

Where to next?

If you’ve been around the block here, then you know I’ve been writing a series of 7-set emails to show you various parts of my systems.

I’m going to refine those into a lead magnet.

I’m starting with Volumetric Vectoring.

Every course I’ve taken on writing has been invaluable towards getting better at honing my message in each newsletter and article I’ve written.

I’m closing in on 160 of these in total across here and Medium as of this issue.

This is what I mean by Volumetric Vectoring.

Pick a direction. Pick a pace. Start.

You can’t steer a parked car.

Even if you have to push the plane off the cliff and jump after it to get yourself to do it, you have to start.

Start by writing about what you believe in.

To quote the 2011 movie “Immortals”:

“Stand your ground!

Fight for honor!

Fight for the man beside you!"

Fight for those who bore you!

Fight for your children!

Fight for your future!"

Fight for your name to survive!

Fight…for immortality!”

Now replace the word “fight” with “write”.

It works well.

This is why I write.

You gotta start somewhere.

I may be a nobody right now.

But I am somebody to my children.

If I write for no one else, then I will write for them.

Who do you write for?

The next 7 week series will explore this idea in more detail. Perhaps I will focus on the 7 deadly sins of social media writing and devote one week to each…