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Nobody is holding your hand in life...

Failing to Success - A Lesson from Alex Hormozi

Challenges that you set are a mark of true maturity.

Whether you fail or succeed at them are purely up to you.

You win no matter the outcome, and incidentally this week’s topic also falls under one of the 14 lessons that I shared about last week.

No need to go back to that piece! Here’s the link again:

Today, I want to focus on his thirteenth life lesson concerning the failure cycle towards growing…

I’ll do it by talking about owning your challenges of course.

Let’s jump in.

Own It (Or Be Pwned)

So what is the failure process?

Failure —> Learn —> Succeed —> Complacency —> Failure…

Ad infinitum.

Of course, he framed it in terms of the business.

In terms of the YouTube space:

“Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn.”

Sean Cannell

The idea is to be aware of which step you’re on in the process so you can:

  • mitigate the negative impacts of the process

  • maximize the positive outcomes

  • skip it entirely

You can take control of it…easier said than done of course.

Which brings me to the challenge process that I put in place.

Here’s the breakdown.

Your Mission (Should You Choose to Accept It)

When I select a challenge, it’s basically a pain point or an issue that I have felt the need to address in my own life.

  • health

  • wealth

  • relationships

I started with a 7-day challenge for sleeping at least 7 hours a night back in April.

I failed it by one day.

In the long-term, I know that I have to reclaim this aspect of my life.

9-5 parenting isn’t designed to have this privilege if you want to have the means to go beyond it as a solopreneur.

I know this.

You know this…or perhaps you will.

Or perhaps you are a god among insects.

In any case, it was my first challenge, and I have never looked back.

I became addicted to them because THEY FORCE ME TO ACT.

I choose them because they address my pain points head-on.

I can’t avoid them when I take the initiative to face them.

It just doesn’t happen.

So that’s the first part…

Here’ the next.

Where do we go from here?

The hard part is over (at least for me).

At this point, I addressed

  • Who (Tis me)

  • What (Tis selected)

Yeah not sure why I chose that voice, but it’s funny to me!

The next parts to address can be as simple (highly recommended) or as complicated as you want.

  • When - as in how long (7 days to one month is ideal)

  • Where - depends on the nature of the challenge but a set location is preferable

  • How - yeah…this one is probably the second hardest part

Again, each of these is totally up to you, but I’d recommend something that is relatively short-term and self-contained so that you can package it up, slap a bow on it and offer it as a program if it turns out well…

Yes, there is a method to the madness, and I’m spelling it out to you right now.

These are your

  • coaching programs

  • lead magnets

  • giveaways

  • ebooks

  • courses

All the parts are free…these are the implementations; the blueprints; the secrets.

The “How” of a challenge requires some research as to what to do and what your limitations are in terms of time, money, and parole…I mean…free time.

(That was a joke for you married folks out there…put down the pitchfork and keep reading.)

I’m just telling how I choose the challenges here…I’ll spell out the rest of it as I find out of course!

For example, for my 7-day sleep challenge this is what I had in mind:

  • When: 11 - 6 or 12 - 7 for school and work hours

  • Where: my nice, comfy bunk bed (my oldest sleeps on the top bunk, and my youngest sleeps in the crib - sacrifices must be made)

  • How: no phone an hour before bed…but I had to write up to that point.

I also had to go to the bathroom before hitting the sack. Getting up in the middle of the night for anything other than my youngest compounds the sleep issue.

It went well until the 6th day…my youngest had slept through the night up to this point but broke his streak.

I got 5 hours instead of 7 that day.

It wasn’t really my fault, but it was still a failure by technicality in my book.

Ah well.

I will certainly revisit this challenge when my youngest really starts to consistently sleep through the night (which is soon as most of his teeth are finally poking out!)

But that’s how I do this in a nutshell!

So what does this have to do with Alex’s 13th point?

Many of us get stuck in the complacency part of life.

Without external forces that provided us structure when we were growing up, we don’t HAVE to take initiatives to keep growing and learning.

It becomes optional.

We get out of this complacency by pushing ourselves…and in the process, failing.

This was mine.

I had failed in the past…but it had been a LONG time since I failed at something that I purposefully set out to do on my own without direction.

My journey of reawakening myself at my core is only beginning…

I’m not going to stop now.

The Takeaway

So to recap:

Failure is the beginning of the virtuous cycle that enables long-term growth.

  • Learning results from failing.

  • Growing results from learning.

  • Complacency results from sufficient growth.

  • Failure results from indulging in complacency.

On top of EVERYTHING else happening, here’s the current challenge declared from the week before:

  1. Read a book.

  2. Act on the lessons.

  3. Teach what I learn from the experience.

It’s coming along…I got sucked into Hormozi’s $100 Million Offers book…lovin’ it.

I need to pick up the pace, though.

Here’s this week’s actionable exercise:

Where do you think are at in this process when it comes to your journey?

  • What actions are you planning to take to get to the next step?

  • Is it possible to reduce the impact of the next step or even skip it entirely?

  • What is your ultimate goal for yourself regarding this?

Focus on ONE challenge in your life right now…you’re pulled thin enough as it is!

This is the second exercise in self-renewal.

Thought of the week:

An Inspirator takes initiative to keep growing through life’s challenges…

I’ve had a few revelations recently, and big things are on the horizon…

Thanks for reading to the end.

Time to head back down and keep digging!


P.S. I’ll make an announcement when the time is right. Things are bananas right now…

P.P.S. What’s your greatest challenge you’re tackling right now?