Write Like a Normal Person Would Talk

You wouldn't talk to your date the same way you talk to your dog

We’re chugging along the jolly ride as I’m learning about great writing.

Today, we’re hitting the fourth point.

Every week, I’m going to keep this section up with links to the previous issues.

So here it is: 7 parts of great writing:

  1. Powerful hook

  2. Slippery slope formatting

  3. Focused content 

  4. Approachable delivery (you are here)

  5. Reader-focused

  6. Specific writing

  7. Powerful takeaway point

As I’ve been saying all along, if you already nailed these down from other sources, feel free to fact-check and compare your own learnings and experiences.

I don’t have any experience, but I’m in the process of fixing that...just learning this and sharing the goodies along the way.

As I stated in previous issues, I hope this series will help shorten your timeframe on getting to "Rockstar Writer” status!

This issue is probably more subjective than others…

Butters is on a weight-loss program…he’s pooped.

Man’s Best Friend

I have a big family.

It started out with my wife having a cat when we first met.

You know the rule: “love me, love my pet”.

I wasn’t a pet person at the time.

Growing up, my parents had always had pets that rotated out (usually due to unfortunate situations created by yours, truly).

It wasn’t that I didn’t want pets for myself…

It was that I knew that I would become wrapped around their little paws if I let one into my life.

Sure enough, both my wife and her pet became my world.

Eight years later, we have four cats, two dogs, and two boys.

I’m a full-time kiddy resort manager and House Elf now.

As such, my style of communication has expanded in its versatility so that

  • my tone

  • my voice

  • my diction

are stratified into different presets for

  • my pets

  • my wife

  • my children

If you want to survive this type of environment, then you MUST not use one preset that is designed for one with any of the others.

In other words, talking to your spouse the way you would your pets…or your children…is the fastest way to becoming treated like one.

You’ll be in the proverbial doghouse.

Which brings me to today’s point:

Know your audience and communicate with them accordingly.

Fancy meeting you here…generated by author using Leonardo.AI

The way I are

For social media writing whether it be on TwiX or Medium or YouTube, your content is designed around your intended audience.

You write or speak exactly the way you would if you were with them “in a bar” or “at the pub” or whatever phrase that is appropriate for your corner of the world.

You wouldn’t start a story with your best buddy by opening with “It was the best of times…it was the worst of times…”

Or maybe you would after the fifth shot of tequila kicks in.😁😁

My point is that the way you tell a story or describe a situation or complain about the day’s events will not include any of the traditional vehicles that are in more formal writing or literary classics. You’re not dictating a memo on the latest and greatest idea for the next sales meeting ya know…

Take the way I’m writing to you right now. You came to this newsletter for a reason…because you’ve connected with me on social media at one point or another and graciously granted me access to your inbox every week until I either

  1. offend you and your sensibilities or

  2. become irrelevant to your particular journey

(Please do unsubscribe if either become true…I’m here to entertain and inform, but even I’m going through my own changes).

In any case, how I write here is generally pretty similar to how I talk in the real world to adults (you don’t fall into the three categories that I described earlier of course…honey, are you even on my list??).

At this point, you have hooked in your reader with a solid opening, given them a reason to keep reading with easy-to-read formatting, kept to one idea so they don’t end up chasing multiple ideas, and now you’re communicating in a way that makes them feel comfortable.

So far, so good!

If you’re enjoying this series so far, again I’m reminding you of where I’m drawing my learning from and my hopes of applying them:

You can’t go wrong with any one of them, but I encourage you to find your “Tribe of Mentors” like the Tim Ferriss book.

I’m writing a lot more than I used to…and the lessons they provide work nicely!

Closing thoughts

We’ve captured the reader’s attention, given them a reason to continue reading, provided a presentation that’s pleasant to follow with a clear and focused topic…and this issue discussed how we present the topic to them.

Sometimes, I do talk to my pets like they’re my coworkers…or my managers.

Here’s to the continuing of this series…we’re halfway done now!


P.S. Current working rebrand: “I’m the Night Writer…sustained by starlight on a journey to guide you to long-term presence and relevance…sharing my perspectives from this and my five values that support it.”

I’ll be piecing together a mock up of a hub and five spokes for the wheel of life or a navigation wheel of a ship.