Writing Towards Clarity

What I Discovered After 6 Months...

What I Found After 6 Months of Excavation

I broke through.

In January, I started digging at the surface of myself…tapping the crust as the Mind Miner and focusing on self-mastery as my primary message.

As I excavated further into the mantle of my being, I discovered that I was a Knowledge Theorist and Polymath…someone who had skills, experience, and had lived a good chunk of my life doing a variety of different things across multiple artistic and academic disciplines.

But I didn’t know what drove me to do them or why they made me feel alive…

These past few weeks, I’ve written my way to the core of my being.

I now know the answer to why I’m so driven; why I’ve achieved all that I have achieved thus far…

What I’ve found here, I hope will serve you in revealing a path towards discovering yourself.

I certainly hope it doesn’t take you 6 months after 35 years of work to get there!

Always 3

I don’t know what it is about the number 3…it seems to be a nice number for so many things…

Anyway, here are three websites I’d recommend to help you get started:

The first two are pretty straightforward, and I threw in the last one as a kitchen sink type website that has a whole slew of other tests to start figuring out what your strengths and weaknesses are.

A quick blurb about each of these websites:

A. 16 personalities

This site gives a solid breakdown into the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and provides a way to dig into your enneagram type using four attributes:

  1. Introvert/Extrovert - focus and energy source

  2. Sensing/Intuition - information processing

  3. Thinking/Feeling - decision making

  4. Judging/Perceiving - situational assessment

You can take their test to determine your MBTI as well as explore the labels that are associated with them.

If it’s too artsy or cutesy for your taste, there’s also the official MBTI website to explore.

For me, I’m an INFJ…an Advocate.

B. Human Design

This is one that I recently stumbled upon as a suggestion from a friend and aspiring life coach.

The idea behind this approach is to determine how you generate energy and where you manifest pain and stress.

Basically, it’s another way of finding out how you align yourself with the world physically and spiritually.

From the assessment I took, I’m a manifest generator (no surprise there as a knowledge theorist).

C. Open-source psychometrics project

If neither of those sites appear compelling, this website is a curation tests across both academia and fictional characters across literature and media.

According to the “Which Character” Personality Quiz here, I’m Charlie Young from “The West Wing”.

I’ve never seen the show, but it says I’m a 93% match…guess I’ll have to look into it and see if it’s an accurate call!

…and I’m a 92% match with Alphonse Elric from “Full Metal Alchemist” in the Anime category!

I think I can see that…

In any case, I’d encourage you to explore these three sites and see what you come up with for yourself!

Let’s go to the next three using the power of AI…

One is glad to be of service…

Using ChatGPT to analyze and break down your writing can do three amazing things for you:

  1. Organize and categorize into three main subjects

  2. Provide clarity on what you show interest and passion

  3. Ideate and expand into even more areas centered around those topics

The caveat for this process is that you need to have a solid body of work in your writing for this to have any significant impact.

AI can only work with the data you provide…it can’t reach into your head and give you answers…yet.

Here’s what ChatGPT provided for me from my writing:

  1. Writing and content creation

  2. Personal growth and inspiration

  3. Entrepreneurship and personal branding

The more I’ve written over time, the more clarity I’ve gained here about what I most enjoy sharing with others.

To put the mind mining process on a timeline:

  • Jan/Feb: the crust

    • helping others

    • self-mastery advocation

    • learning and sharing personal thoughts

  • Mar - May: the mantle

    • polymath and knowledge theory

    • learning to learn and sharing stories and analogies

    • experimenting with self-expression using mixed media online

  • June: the core

    • writing inspiring content

    • educating through my experiences

    • innovation in the ways to present my ideas and thoughts

That’s a lot…let’s simplify it:

  • I inspire

  • I educate

  • I innovate

Combining these together is who I am:

Inspire + Educate + Innovate = Inspirate

I’m a inspirator at my core.

I share thoughts on knowledge theory, content creation, and self-mastery using analogies, stories and mixed media.

It took me 6 months to write my way to clarity.

I hope today’s newsletter helps you get there faster!

Now I have to figure out who I can help the most:

  • my unique selling point (USP)

  • my ideal customer profile (ICP)

Thanks for being on this journey with me!

The Takeaway

To summarize: writing your way to clarity takes time and resources.

Here are three sites that helped me:

Using AI to help you on your way towards finding your voice can be highly effective once you have sufficient volume for data analysis.

I like to write about the following three topics:

  1. Writing and content creation

  2. Personal growth and inspiration

  3. Entrepreneurship and personal branding

I’m going to be moving forward with more focus on how to help you write about them as well!

Here’s this week’s actionable exercise:

If you have a Twitter account, try out Glenn’s tutorial on analyzing what you write:

  • Go to Twitter analytics and grab the latest tweets from the past month

  • Drop the list of tweets into ChatGPT and have it generate more ideas for you

  • Ask it to bin your tweets into three content buckets and generate more ideas

This is just the beginning…

This is the first exercise in writing analysis.

Thought of the week:

An Inspirator strives to give perspective and depth in writing…

I’m setting aside the pick for today.

This mine is pretty much tapped out at the moment…

Perhaps it’s time to find another one to dig into for a while.

There are so many more out there with new ideas and goodies…

Next week, I’ll share what I’ve found from Alex Hormozi’s mind…


P.S. As always, it’s been a privilege to share this journey.

P.P.S. Did you find the reference in this one?