The Key to Self-Mastery and Self-Expression...

Pick a direction and start walking.

I’m exhausted.


Because I’ve been focusing on putting something together with three other people that I met on X/Twitter.

This is the next stage that I mentioned in the last newsletter.

I’ll have to keep this short as the level of effort on other aspects has been second-to-none.

But I wanted to let you all know that things are happening here that I truly hope will help you in the long run.

I’ve had many revelations about my journey; both as a content creator and as a person.

So real talk…

The Journey (So Far)

I started out in January and had no idea what I was doing or what I was going to stand for.

I’ve spent the last eight months pushing towards the core of my being.

Hence the Mind Miner handle.

This has been the running theme for my process and has helped me gain clarity immeasurably!

Over time, I came to realize that I enjoyed the process of learning and teaching.

Hence the Knowledge Theorist identity.

This wasn’t quite enough, though, because it left out the creative and artistic elements of self-mastery and self-expression that I was driving at.

So I came up with inspirator as I described a few editions ago (you can read about that here):

While all these handles describe me all the way to the center..

They don’t tell anyone what I want to help others accomplish!

I know my ICP and what I want to help with now.

This is going to define and steer all future content on this newsletter.

So here’s your chance to see if this is still your jams…I’m not here to clutter your inbox so please do unsubscribe if you decide it’s not your thing.

Read on…


No surprise here really…it’s me anywhere from the time I got married and started a family to the me that I am now…

  • Somebody who has a 9-5 they enjoy

  • Young professionals from 20’s to 30’s

  • Young families with children up to the grade school level

  • Parents who are stressed out and stifled with their responsibilities

  • People who feel stressed about reclaiming their time and energy to pursue their passions

This is the hardest part of transitioning from the single, carefree life that comes after leaving the education system into the swing of family life.

The sacrifices are immense.

The focus becomes children and their development.

All personal development that you began or enjoyed throughout life are put on hold.

I watched this example play out in my own life for my parents.

I never knew exactly what their hobbies were before I came into the picture until after I was already an adult.

Growing up, they never once went back to them.

Their focus was on us. We were the future.

And now, here we are…doing the same for our children.

But times change.

Technology has enabled so many more options to be possible where there was no hope in previous generations.

I’m finding the time to do this.

I’m figuring this stuff out.

What I am centering this newsletter around will be the following:

  • reclaiming time and energy outside of the 9-5 parenting life

  • self-mastery and self-expression with that time and energy

  • becoming better at providing for others by providing more for yourself

These are my pillars.

They still include everything I’ve talked about up to this point, but it will be more focused on how I do it and curate resources to complement my message.

Here it is:

You’re a person first.

You’re a parent second.

Which means you’re a parent first.

Wait what?

You can’t rely on your parents to be your parent.

YOU have to be your own parent.

As a result, YOU will be a better person…

which then enables YOU to be a better parent to your children.

Career, marriage, relationships…all that stuff is much better managed from focusing on this principle rather than trying to juggle all these as the main focus.

They all stem from YOU.

So you need to make sure you’re treating yourself well.

So yeah…me in a nutshell…

Just some guy with a 9-5 and a family who’s trying to make it all work and hopefully help others who are doing the same.

The Takeaway

So to recap:

I’m the niche.

I’m the ICP.

I’m not alone.

I know what I’m about now along with all the other content I’ve been putting out.

However, just because I write to a specific demographic doesn’t mean there’s nothing for those of you who aren’t there.

We change all the time.

The pace at which we are aware of our changes is what we strive to accelerate.

That’s where being in-tune with yourself really is.

Here’s this week’s actionable exercise:

What is your life mission?

  • Think really hard about your long-term goals and who you are.

  • Who is the ideal person that you want to serve, and what are they struggling with?

  • Are you willing to reclaim and repurpose your time and energy to drive towards this vision?

Commitment to a life-long process is the key to moving forward.

This is the third exercise in self-renewal.

Thought of the week:

An Inspirator is highly aware of where they are at in their journey…

So now that I’ve clarified on who I aim to write towards, you have a choice.

No hard feelings if you choose to leave.

Thanks for sticking around this long!


P.S. It’s going to be both easier and harder now…

P.P.S. Do you know your personal mission in life?